Evolvepreneur Summit - Free Preview

Host: John North,
Cast: John North, Everett O'Keefe, Andy Falco, Gina Gardiner,

20 World-Changing Experts Reveal... "Hacking The Entrepreneur's Mindset" Learn How To Build Your Brand or Business Using The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs. Access the full summit here:

Chris Reed - Preview

How To Become A Thought Leader On Linkedin (Preview)

Chris J Reed moved to Singapore with no business connections and in less than 2 years had over 55,000 connections in LinkedIn and is now one of the Top 100 most influential LinkedIn Bloggers. He built a global marketing business listed on the NASDAQ with 35 staff. He has also maintained his status as one of the world’s most viewed LinkedIn profiles. Chris shares his strategies on how to become a thought leader on LinkedIn which helps grow your business using the power of LinkedIn.

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Michael Griffiths  - Preview

Referral Marketing Is A Powerful Way To Market Your Business (Preview)

Michael Griffiths has owned 6 businesses but finally found his passion in referral marketing and created "Referral Marketing Guru" and taken it globally. Michael talks about his brilliant strategy of building 6 distinct types of referral teams with 66 people in total finding you new business every day. In fact he doesn't even suggest you ask your existing clients to refer you. For attendees Michael has given access to his 100k Facebook Group that is normally $97.

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Anutza Preview

The 5 Star Entrepreneur (Preview)

Anutza Bellissimo has been an entrepreneur since she was 18 and started coaching company employees who had been laid off. She helped them transition onto a new career. What she discovered was anger management was a critical process and started to specialize in this area. Anutza talks about her methodology of the 5 Star Entrepreneur and how to implement her ideas into your business journey.

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Jim Edwards Preview

Why You Are The Best Copywriter You Ever Hired! (Preview)

Jim Edwards sold the first ebook on the internet and he discovered the one page sales page. After learning copying writing himself because he couldn't afford to hire anyone. He applied his new found knowledge to increase his ebook sales literally overnight by 250%. Jim says that you are your best copywriter and the big reasons why. Jim also shares his "big idea" from the recent popular funnelhacking conference. Jim believes great copy writing is really just formula and tells us how to apply simple secrets to writing power sales messages. Jim also discusses the power of split-testing and the reason why they don't.

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Kelly Roach Preview

How To Build Unstoppable Momentum And Achieve Anything (Preview)

Kelly Roach grew up in a big family of 7 and started working 3 jobs at very early age. As a competitive dancer and american all star cheerleader she wanted to continue to challenge herself. Eventually, she found herself coaching entrepreneurs to get results. Kelly shares her marketing strategies leveraging a podcast "Unstoppable Success Radio", a #1 best selling book and her website to generate new clients everyday. Kelly also talks about her 9 Principles For Unlimited Success In Business & Life and how to implement these ideas. Kelly covers her charity initiative to help support our global family and how she makes it part of her business.

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