Author Academy

Host: Sue Kennedy,

In this 5-part video series, I share the 5 secrets to how I published my first book. Many people express that they want to write their book, but most of the time, they never end up doing it. Something always holds them back...but what is it? Are not sure where to start? Or are they unsure of the steps to get their book completed? Maybe this has held you back, too. You aren\'t alone. This 5-part video series will put you 5 steps ahead of the many would be authors around the globe. Once you have completed this video series, you will be well on your way to becoming a published author!

Author Academy - Episode 1: How to get ideas on what to write about

Learn how to find ideas to help you start your writing journey.

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Author Academy - Episode 2: How to research information

Discover the best ways to research the ideas for your book.

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Author Academy - Episode 3: Sort this information with some amazing tools 

Learn the best to sort your research information into a logical order some amazing free tools!

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Author Academy - Episode 4: Create your outline, create character profiles & tips

Discover an easy way to create your book outline, sub-topics & creating your character profiles.

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Author Academy - Episode 5: Get Publish Ready

Learn the best ways to get your book ready for publishing.

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