Dementia Sucks: A Caregivers Journey With Lessons Learned

Host: Tracey Lawrence,

Dementia Sucks: what every family needs to know about cognitive decline. I will read from the book and answer questions I am often asked. My book, Dementia Sucks: A Caregivers Journey with Lessons Learned, will be the basis of the shows. I will talk about cognitive decline, its impact on families, how to prepare and how to cope.

Dementia Sucks - Episode 1: The Myth of Retirement

No one expects to be a caregiver. This is why.

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Dementia Sucks - Episode 2: The Truth of Retirement

The likelihood that we will need help from others is very high, and there are 8 topics every family must discuss before crisis strikes.

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Dementia Sucks - Episode 3: Having the Uncomfortable Conversations

More than just an action item on a check list, having productive conversations with resistant family members is a process. There will be pushback. It won't be easy. But it can be done, with compassion, tenacity and help from the right professionals. How do we make the hard decisions without regret?

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Dementia Sucks - Episode 4: Advance Directives: What's a POA?

Why do I need a healthcare proxy? Can't I just download forms from the internet? What is HIPAA? Why does anyone over 18 need to appoint an advocate?

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Dementia Sucks - Episode 5: The Needy Parent Vortex

It starts with little favors and grows into the full-time job that eats your life. Understand how adult children so often find themselves stretched beyond their limits, and how to cope, navigate, and turn sad situations into golden opportunities.

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