Art of Manifesting - Walking Your Shero's Journey

Host: Lou Reed,

The Art of Manifesting TV Series is hosted by Lou Reed, founder and CEO of the Energy Medicine Institute (EMI). The Art of Manifesting is based on the Sheros journey, an extraordinary set of tools allowing us to uncover our current life story, discover the lost and forgotten parts of our self, discard that which no longer serves us and manifest a business and life we love. At the end of each episode, the viewers are invited to download writing prompts to explore their current life story through the key concepts from the episode, then action them in their life. About Expert Lou Reed: Founder and CEO of Energy Medicine Institute (EMI) & Tribal News TV Creator of Soul Psychology, Art Psychology & Energy Psychology. EMI, an online campus for all things regular schooling forgot to teach you, a place where ancient wisdom meets modern science. Offering world-class training allowing you to create remarkable transformation in all dimensions of your being: mind, body, soul and human connections. Lou reflects the wholeness of the human experience by combining Writing, Art, and Energy to align your three levels of consciousness bringing you back into alignment with the unique story of YOU, your living masterpiece. Your life is your Art! Nothing will satisfy you more than creating your world from the song of your heartbeat. In the last 16 years, Lou has guided thousands of creative warriors around the world to come alive and reignite their passion, through teaching, coaching, sold-out events and sought-after online training. Lou is a catalyst for inspiring others to rediscover their innate wild creative spirit, to trust, to write and share their untold stories, and re-create their lives, one act of courage at a time.

The Art of Manifesting - Episode 1: The Invitation

Each of us is being called ... called toward a path, that is uniquely ours, to live, and express upon the canvas of our lives. Our living masterpiece, when we say YES to ‘coming home’ to ourselves, we are saying YES, to moving, more powerfully, toward that which is OUR work, to do in the world. Our path, toward our own life purpose, staying true, to the unique story of YOU.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 2: Ordinary World

This is where the Shero exists before her present story begins, Oblivious of the adventures to come. It's her safe place, her everyday life, where we learn crucial details about our Shero, her true nature and her capabilities.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 3: Reluctant At First

Often at this point, the Shero pauses at the threshold of adventure. After all, she is facing the greatest of all fears, the fear of the unknown.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 4: Passing The First Threshold

Your Shero fully enters the special world of her story for the first time. This is the moment where the story takes off and the adventure begins. The Shero is now committed to the journey … there is no turning back.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 5: Reaching Her Inner Most Cave

At last, the Shero comes to a dangerous place, often deep underground, where the object of her quest is hidden, ready to challenge the hostile forces guarding her treasure.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 6: Seizing The Sword

Having survived death, having beaten the dragon, the Shero now takes possession of the treasure she’s seeking. Sometimes it’s a special weapon like a magic ‘sword’, it may be a token like the Holy Grail or some elixir which can heal the wounded land.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 7: Resurrection

The Shero emerges from the special world, transformed by her experience. There is often a replay here, of the mock death and rebirth, as the Shero once again faces death and survives. Each ordeal wins her new command over the force. She is transformed into a new being by her experience.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 8: Taking It Off The Page

You’ve done lots of powerful work, writing, editing and rewriting your story. A lot of this has been done by yourself through reflection and introspection, all you needed was a pen, paper, and your thoughts, feelings and emotions. However, there comes a time when your story needs to go beyond yourself, to get out of your head, off the page, and into the world.

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The Art of Manifesting - Episode 9: Your Ever-Changing Masterpiece

Remember that you can always edit and rewrite throughout your life. Your story will continue to change because you will continue to change. Now you have the tools in your toolkit to turn your life into an ever-changing masterpiece.

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