Brand Working TV

Host: Lauren Clemett,

Brandworking TV is an interactive show where entrepreneurs can be motivated and inspired to stand-up and stand out with a meaningful personal brand. 

The show includes 'What Were They Thinking?' where we review a branding issue, an interview with extraordinary personal brands to inspire you to be your best brand, Brandworking tips, The Weekly Rocket news, full of opportunities for you to become a guest speaker, blogger or podcast guest and some Neurobranding insight into logos and colours.

Entertaining, educational and informative, this show helps you discover what it takes to be well known, well paid and wanted!

Brand Working Episode One - Overcoming Adversity

- What Were They Thinking with the #metoo movement - Special Guest Luke Amery shares his incredible brand story and book to inspire others to have tenacity no matter what life throws at you. - Breaking News In The Weekly Rocket - A Practical Brandworking Tip for authors - And A Game Of Name That Brand... something you might not know about the worlds largest ice cream manufacturer.

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Brand Working Episode Two - How to Enter, Win And Leverage Awards

What Were They Thinking and why sports shouldn’t mix Special Feature: award-winning success and how to enter, win and leverage awards to boost your brand. Breaking News In The Weekly Rocket A Super Easy Brandworking Tip to find a brand name And A Game Of Name That Brand... the hidden message in a delicious brand you know from the airport.

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Brand Working Episode Three - Beating Fear And Doubt

What Were They Thinking: What were supermarkets thinking when they introduced more plastic instead of less? Special Guest Kevin Lloyd-Thomasshares his experience with PTSD and the simple steps he took to beat it. Breaking News In The Weekly Rocket live from the hardware store. A Practical Brandworking Tip to help you stay on track with your marketing in an overwhelming world. And Some Neurobranding Insight Into The Colour Purple.

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Brand Working Episode Four - Having A Vision To Win

What Were They Thinking: What were people thinking when they set fire to their Nikes? Special Guest Janice Muir shares how being told she wasn’t good enough didn’t stop her and how you can set goals and achieve them with the right focus. Breaking News In The Weekly Rocket how you can get speaking gigs and stand out as the go-to expert! A Practical Brandworking Tip help you develop the best elevator pitch that has people wanting to know more about you and your business. Get the BEST Pitch formula in the best-selling personal branding guidebook SELLING YOU -

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