The Alex Couley Show

Host: Alex Couley,

To lead or manage in the modern world is becoming an ever complex process. The speed of change is increasing, technology is impacting all areas, intercultural workplaces and communities are becoming the norm, the list goes on. Alongside this the science of motivating self and others is constantly evolving. Whether you are a leader, a manager, a business owner or trying to lead in a community setting, this channel includes practical skills that will enhance your ability to engage and motivate yourself, your team, your community etc.

The Alex Couley Show - Episode 1: It Starts With You

This episode considers you as the leader/manager. What do we know about the physiology and psychology of excellent performers. What could you do to implement this into your day to day routine.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 2: Bringing Others On Board

This episode follows on from the first to consider others. You cant lead without having followers! How do you begin the process of exciting and encouraging others?

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 3: Getting Things Done

No matter your setting, most people report a struggle to get things done. Some call this time management issues, some describe it as overload, whatever words you use, this episode will explore the science and practical application of optimal productivity.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 4: Visioning And Goalsetting

A fundamental skillset of all great leaders and managers is to create a compelling vision. From there they assist others to goal set, moving them towards this vision. But how? This episode explores that question.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 5: Coaching As A Leadership/management Tool

Across the globe managers and leaders are being encouraged to coach their team, direct reports etc. But most coaching frameworks don’t take into account the complex dynamics of coaching people you have a pre-existing relationship with. In this episode, we will look at how managers/leaders can practically use coaching in their individual settings.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 6: Influence And Passion As A Leadership/management Tool

We now begin to move into the territory of behavioural science. We will start by examining the things that will assist you to influence and persuade others to reach their optimal potential.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 7: The Importance Of Values And Strengths

We’ve all heard the importance of exploring with people their values and strengths. But how do you do this in the real world? Does it really make a difference? Isn’t the whole strengths thing over done? This episode explores these questions and more.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 8: Everything You Need To Know About Motivation

One of the commonest questions I am asked is how do I motivate XXX. Our understanding of what does and doesn’t work in terms of human motivation is rapidly changing. Here we examine what you can realistically achieve and how.

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The Alex Couley Show - Episode 9: Engagement And Disengagement, Why Rewards Almost Never Work

Following our discussion about motivation we build on this by exploring the new science that takes us way beyond the carrot and stick argument.

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